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Abstract: This study sought to assess the level of financial viability of non-life insurance companies in Northern Samar, Philippines. Specifically, it tried to determine the profile of non-life insurance companies in Northern Samar in terms of ownership, programs and services, management and staff, financial resources, policies, sys [...] Read more.
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Ferenc Juhász
Abstract: A block random model, studied earlier in economics is introduced for biological sciences. Two approaches which handle participants as species and participants as individuals give pictures on processes from different points of view. In ecology it can provide an opportunity for some intervention to avoid development of danger [...] Read more.
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Tomislav Galović
Abstract: The topicality of old medieval statutes and law codices in the Croatian historical territory is sufficiently reflected in the fact that if we did not know when select examples thereof had been written we would think that they were actually from our own time. This paper contains an analysis of select, but also the most intri [...] Read more.
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Pengdi Zhao, Elizabeth Chang
Abstract: This paper presents the condition of COVID-19 in Australia based on the data of each state and territory. The whole population of Australia can be separated into several groups, which are Susceptible, Exposed, Infected, Recovered, Healthy and Unknown by using the extended SEIR model. According to these groups, policies that [...] Read more.
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Magnus O. Bassey
Abstract: Over the past twenty-five years, there have been considerable demographic shifts in public school populations in the United States particularly in urban schools and in some of the largest states in America. As the school populations become more diverse, they pose serious challenges for teachers because of the academic and d [...] Read more.
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Open Access
Yehao Luo, Donghan Xu, Luqiu Wei, Geer Chen, Yuzhou Pang
Abstract: Systemic lupus erythematosus(SLE),known as lupus,is a chronic autoimmune disease and there is no cure for SLE.The western medication can improve syndromes to some extent,however,severe adverse drug reactions appear at the same time.Recently,it is confirmed that Chinese medicine also can have an excellent clinical efficacy o [...] Read more.
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Open Access
Kabala K.E, Chukwu O.P, Gavi O, Matsela L, Monokoane S.T
Abstract: Background: Fetus in fetu is a rare malformation in which a parasitic twin is within a more mature twin. Most of the fetus in fetu are located in the retroperitoneum and are acardiac and anencephalic. Case presentation: Here, a presentation is made of an oropharyngeal fetus in fetu, which was a referral from [...] Read more.
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Open Access
Bayisa Feye Bedane
Abstract: This paper concerns the ethnographic analysis of asymmetrical power relations created between actors holding competing views about nature conservation and preservation of cultural values in one of the highly conflict-affected protected areas in Ethiopia. The rhetoric of wilderness and the policies it implies were exported t [...] Read more.
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Liu Yi, Huang Hao-ran, Rao Guo-hui
Abstract: With the increasing of UHVDC transmission project in China, the design, operation management and equipment manufacturing of HVDC projects in China are also at the leading level in the world. However, the condition monitoring technology of converter station equipment in our country is developing slowly. Based on IEC61850 int [...] Read more.
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